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Me M E Ferreira - Assistant Town Clerk 1932 - 1934

     Die waarde van 'n museum strek verder as die bewaring van oudhede maar is ook 'n plek waar  inligting en foto's vir die nageslag bewaar word.
     Onlangs het die museum op Humansdorp 'n versoek ontvang, van 'n persoon wat deur Humansdorp reis, om te kom soek na 'n foto van sy moeder - 'n voormalige assistant Stadsklerk. In die museum was daar drie verskillende foto's van die betrokke persoon beskikbaar en kon afskrifte daarvan gemaak word en Dietmont het die volgende oor sy moeder geskryf :    

We would like to pay tribute in honour of a special lady and our mom.

Miss M.E. Ferreira was born in the little Karoo on a farm near Oudtshoorn on the 27th August 1910, one of twins and a family of five girls.  After completing her schooling she took a secretarial course at Oudtshoorn Convent and was one of very few bilingual stenographers to complete this course with honours and a diploma in mercantile law.
Miss M E Ferreira, R A Horsley, D T Ackerman
About 1933

At a tender age of 19 now nicknamed Millie was appointed secretary to the Town Clerk of Humansdorp.  She acquainted herself with municipal ordinances, housing schemes and by-laws.  After two years she was appointed assistant Town Clerk which she held until 1934.  Her photograph can be seen hanging in the Humansdorp museum with the dates 1932 – 1934.

Miss Millie married Alan Becker official of a prominent bank in 1936.  After her marriage she filled various positions in the business world, designed hats for dignitaries’ wives of Prime Ministers and Cabinet Ministers.

She was appointed promoter and regional manager to a consortium of companies’ which included a branch of Jewellers.  One of the highlights was selling a gorgeous diamond ring to Richard Burton for his wife Elizabeth Taylor.

Allan Becker died in 1979 and Millie retired in 1985 where she became assistant manager of Eldorado Retirement Village in East London.  The garden which she designed and planted now holds her ashes.  She passed away peacefully in February 2003.

In loving memory

Your son Diemont I. Becker and your daughter Eloise B. Scheepers (nee Becker)